I do think the sex thoughts kind of compensate

  • I do think the sex thoughts kind of compensate for my lack of connection to the physical realm, as my conscience mind spends a lot of time in the etheric and astral realms.
  • "Hmm-mm, I see, and in these sex thoughts you have, what exactly are they? Who do you fantasize about? And do you normally... erm, satisfy... umm yourself?" My shrinks face lit up
  • when his short skirted secretary rudely interrupted to deliver his latest online purchase. It was a heavy gold chain necklace with a $ emblem encrusted in diamonds. I wondered if
  • i'll be able to return that to Amazon within the 30 day window. But you open the package and wear your $ bling neckless and look at your skimpy secretary and smile. "Hey, get me my
  • neck, so that I can appreciate my $ bling in a neckful manner." Your loose turkey neck was made detachable so as to avoid shame in situations that did not necessitate neck. The sec
  • ond his head was turned,she tightened the bolts in his neck because,in fact, she wanted him to feel ashamed after all he'd done to her in Beijing. So now he could not move his neck
  • either direction. He was trapped. He had always hated the feeling of small, contained spaces, and she knew that well. Using his own weaknesses against him as he had done to
  • his mother to stop her from doing all that guilt trip stuff, he did something in the small space that would shock a mortician, he pushed real hard and
  • her leg fell off. He felt himself hyperventilating as he tried to reattach it. Then he gave up & slid down the wall where he sat with his head in his hands waiting.
  • Waiting. Waiting for oblivion to overtake him. He knew his tight throat and stomping chest pains weren't just another panic attack. The toxins in the air were killing him.


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