Being she was extremely bored and felt like

  • Being she was extremely bored and felt like doing nothing but writing, the young girl opened a draft in her email to begin a story, and stopped. She had an unread email.
  • Inside the email was a draft of an unfinished story about a girl who opened a draft in her email to begin a story and stopped because she had an unread email.
  • I threw the email into my spam file. Then, I took my computer and dropped it in the bin. I took the bin and tossed it in the dumpster. Then I took the dumpster and shoved into the
  • furthest reaches of my mind; if I couldn't obliterate the dumpster entirely, I could at least trash it metaphorically. But I still couldn't sleep. I paced back and forth across the
  • room. I have to do something. And do it now. I cannot let this stone unturned. I ran to the front door of my apartment and took grab of the knob. My mind went completely blank as I
  • pondered what bedlam & mayhem I would find on the other side of the door. Drawing a blank did not bode well. I bit the bullet. I opened the door. Nothing. No Proud Boys. No riots
  • , only people banging on pots and pans, some dancing, and a few weddings of various sexual preferences right there on the street outside the white house. Donald wiped his upper lip
  • clean of the crusty buildup of mucus and adderall. "Those people out there are losers. Use real bullets. And Kayleigh - announce I've won the election. People will believe you."
  • “YES, SIR!” Kayleigh squealed, “I’ll show them hundreds of huge binders filled with signed affidavits from PROMINENT IMAGINARY FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, each claiming you easily won
  • more times than anyone could ever count." Kayleigh tried to maintain a brave front, but it still bothered her that someone said behind her back, "There goes Barbie. Poor thing."


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