The end of the world hadn't come, Jimmy looked

  • The end of the world hadn't come, Jimmy looked at his watch, then at the other people waiting for the Mayan spaceship, or was it the Annunaki? He couln't remember, he felt betrayed
  • . Jimmy decided to pay a little visit to the Guy With The Crazy Hair, from Ancient Aliens, "Hey! Where the hell are your friends? You said they would come!"
  • "Shush, you'll blow our cover". The aliens flowing white hair & beard & red suit hid his true identity. The vanguard of the invasion force used kids like jimmy as unwitting helpers
  • to infiltrate the Consumer Confidence Index and portray a potential increase in economic growth. In reality Jimmy was just being used as a tool to keep the public from
  • instigating an epidemic of self-abuse. The CDC had become ineffectual in matters of moral health, so the big money boys made a pact in Davos. "We can't let Carter in on this,"
  • said Bill to George. He was right of course. The huge, rhino-sized stash of green bud was under the carpet in Camp David's basement. A lifetime of weed. If they told Jimmy about th
  • e weed, he'd surely steal all of it. So George made a decision: they would smoke ALL the weed before jimmy got to camp David. Three hours later, they were completely wasted, but
  • they were also really horny. George pulled out his wiener and slapped it in jimmy's face. "Im not that sort". Said Jimmy. "I know but I am." said george as he slapped jimmys ass.
  • "BOYS! What are you doing?!" Aunt Valetta hollered as she stood at the foot of the stairwell. "Don't make me come up there!" George and Jimmy stopped their shenanigans, but Aunt Va
  • letta wasn't fooled. Unknown to her nephews, she had once been a troublemaker herself. She crept upstairs and foiled their plot. "Busted!" she grinned. They sulked.


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