“Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking

  • “Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder!” The teach heard the insult, the young girl was a creative insulter. The boy in the vest did play with Nerf items so
  • the teacher gave young Leia a time-out. She pulled her by her side hair-bun to the principal's office. Han playing with his nerf ball, pouted by the wall "Who's scruffy looking..."
  • "you are" the voice whispered. Han turned about, "What? Whose talking? You weren't supposed to agree that I am scuffy looking?" Jane laughed ridiculously, she had framed Leia
  • for peddling in a school zone, which would triple the penalty. "Now my dear, Han," she announced diabolically, "you are all mine." Suddenly, a large, furry arm appeared from above
  • And said, "No way!" This arm was my cat who wanted attention. Samantha took me inside a UFO and said, "Let's go!" Indeed, we flew off to parts unknown.
  • They all laughed when I said this severed arm is my cat, Marge. All at once. A sort of hive-mind-thing I guess? But Samantha, Marge and I are happy alone on Vorgon-6, even if Marge
  • refuses to exist. I keep telling her that abiding in a null state was childish but as we had not yet invented childhood yet, she called me abusive, and cut me off from the Root.
  • "No more beets for you," she said, swiping the plate of borscht away from me just as my spoon was poised above it. So I threw the container of sour cream at the back of her head.
  • With lightning-fast reflexes, she spun and caught the container with chopsticks, inches from her nose. "Oh, you're a sly one. No beets for a month." I groaned.
  • Of course, near the end of my long life, this would come to be a cherished memory of the ninja mother who made me the ninja I lived to be. That day, though, I could only feel loss.


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