In 2346, Mr.T formed the 56th A-Team, composed

  • In 2346, Mr.T formed the 56th A-Team, composed by himself, John Wayne, Gary Cooper and Robert de Niro.
  • This A-Team was like no other....actually it was the same as every other A-team Mr. T formed, but they wanted to think that they were special. This time around, however, there was
  • a copyright issue, because somebody (i.e. Murdock) had registered the name "The A-Team" as his own. Mr. T had to scramble for other appropriate names & finally had to use the Greek
  • Alpha. It wasn't ideal. But, he had only two choices as he saw it. Murder the idiot or concede. He did, after all, pity the fool and thus, despite his macho bravado, he chose the
  • genuine Matt Groening "Life in Hell" comics where they get naked and do it. After that, you couldn't buy Mr. T's cereal in this town. Plop plop fizz fizz oh god my eyes burn.
  • Now I'm scouring the internet for a box of Mr. T's cereal. I had to dip into the boy's college funds for an original Adventure Team line-up without Kung Fu Grip, If I could get the
  • ones with Kung Fu Grip, I would have an entire set, and then I could pay back the kids' college funds several times over, if I sold it, which I wouldn't, because I am The Nerd King
  • Besides, I doubt they were going to college anyway. Junior is so gung ho to be a Marine & Lapueta has her OnlyFans. She knew how to bribe me though. A mint GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip
  • might be enough to get me in at the next after-school meeting of the Dudes Only Really Know Sorcery club that I'd been pining over since 3rd grade. I knocked on the door.
  • I heard an odd whirring sound and...and then suddenly I found myself here, twenty years later, and I don't know Jack Squat.


  1. somesuch Sep 12 2021 @ 23:31

    just 3 months shy of 7 years for this one.

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