Daily life in Burgograd was – to put it

  • Daily life in Burgograd was – to put it mildly – somewhat quotidian. Men would snap their newspapers in the dry sunny air of springtime as ladies checked their shapely legs and
  • made sure their lipstick was applied perfectly. Some would have called the small city boring, uneventful, unremarkable. For Lillian, it was paradise.
  • The bank was loosely guarded, its safe the simple kind that could easily be cracked, and the town's "police force" was a doddering old sheriff and his deputy. "Perfect!" Lillian
  • Muttered to herself as she reviewed the bank's blueprints. She could easily make thousands of dollars from a single night's work her, but she was a little worried because
  • she can't take her pet human to work. She threw the blueprints down, laying ther head on the desk and closing her eyes. "Its going to be a long night." She said with a sigh.
  • The stress was building up, and her bosses really acted like she was going to on her way out. 30 years of working hard, and death then rebirth into another body wasn't a good life
  • but it was the only lives given her. If she wanted others she would have to take them for herself. There had to be some way to swap my lives for a stranger's lives. I am sure she
  • would not mind.I grabbed her hand and yanked her towards me.She hollered and reached to punch me.I swerved one way, she tried again.I quickly covered her mouth."Don't move or i
  • will feed your dog to the bears! Good thing we were in Yellowstone and there were bears all around us. Wait! There's bears all around us! I let go of her; realizing that I was
  • handless. And armless... and legless... and headless. I was pretty much a torso surrounded by bears in Yellowstone. My only hope was that they adopted me and raised me as their own


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