This summer I

  • This summer I
  • (1) kicked a can down a lonely country road, while whistling Dixie
  • (2) drank a 6 cans of Dixie and hitched a ride to New Orleans
  • (3) Watched a blues musician friend perform. Co-wrote a song called "Story Foldin' Blues."
  • (4) Watched a master caricaturist at work. Became jealous of his talent. Drew a picture of myself with exaggerated self-worth.
  • Pleased with the fantastic drawing of myself, I decided to sell it on Ebay. Nobody bought it. Someone said I was ugly.
  • "Are you blind?!~" I snarked back at them in the Ebay response box. "Yes, I am," they replied, "it happened during the last solar eclipse," they typed. I felt awful. It was only
  • 5 days since the last solar eclipse. This guy must have barely started to cope with being blind, and here i am insulting him through the e-bay response box. I bit my fingernail off
  • and store it in a golden box on the shelf above my desk. I am not that hungry now.
  • The Skyflake crackers are now found only at the Vietnamese groceries. Master Tung Le bought enough for this temple and I have one too. Facebook, what do you think about this?


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