Abruptly,the onomatopoeia rolled off his

  • Abruptly,the onomatopoeia rolled off his feral tongue and he kept mooing to the girl sitting on the steps to the brick town house,as she smiled most condescentingly.
  • She was the most condescending woman on the east coast. She had worked on looking down on others and being superior all through Sunday school. It was her power. He rock. She used i
  • Nfinite wisdom acquired from Swami Nikhilanda to change her ways and quit the church for his ashram. Now she lived in the Himalyas and only had a radio for news broadcasts. She was
  • puzzled by the fact that the newscaster on the only radio station she could tune in this high in the Himalayas sounded just like Swami Nikhihanda & told her the same news everyday.
  • Maybe Nirvana really was a place where nothing ever happened, but she was ticked off that she couldn't get a radio station that played some TMBG. She drew some more cute crocodiles
  • until she had nothing else to do, and she had nothing else to do, except maybe meditate? Yes, meditate. She closed her eyes and opened them and suddenly she was in Nirvana+
  • , which was like Nirvana, only more so. Nirvana+ seemed to welcome her, at first. There was a low, calming hum, and as her eyes became accustomed to the light, she noticed that
  • the band led by Curt Cobain had been replayed on the air, until Nirvana heard the Spears singing station to station. Cobain still sweared that he didn't have a gun.
  • He was once trapped inside of a heart-shaped box.
  • So his first question was…How’d Kurt Cobain do this? After all, HE was locked inside a heart-shaped box for weeks. He decided to ask Kurt but learned he’d died over 25 years ago.


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