God asked Dr.Dolittle to gather all the unlikely

  • God asked Dr.Dolittle to gather all the unlikely creatures in a 2nd ark. If he was going to fool scientists with the evolution yarn, the pushme-pullyu, one-eyed purple people eater
  • And the 3 ft high Yeti, Dr D knew it had to look perfect. He gathered all the necessary materials needed, paint, play doh, the DIY ark kit and some tinfoil. The Yeti was getting
  • the works. Dr D toiled on the Yeti, inhaling the combined fumes of the play doh, paint , and tinfoil. Finally it was complete, but Dr D could no longer remember
  • where he was. He remembered the garage back home and maybe this was it? but maybe it wasn't? and he started to shake and he started to cry and he was so sick and he felt cold and
  • wanted his blanket. He was all alone except for Lawn-Boy in the corner. He didn't recall the green machine in his garage before. The fumes made him dizzy. Lawn-Boy gleamed and
  • cubed the radishes. Lawn-boy was going to make the best potato salad ever. Hedge-girl was bringing brownies. Mulch-dude was grilling hot dogs.
  • And through it all, no one would have guessed that Lawn Boy, Hedge Girl and Mulch Dude were one hot rocking love triangle - more a rectangle when you considered the Tree-babe who
  • can't keep her limbs to her self. It appears that the only way to satisfy the 4 would be some kind of landscaping orgy, which only Mulch Boy had the nerve to recommend to the other
  • roaming goats eating tin cans in the corner of the yard. Upon the suggestion, the goats shrugged as if to say "ok," and immediately began lubing up.
  • Goats milk lotion is quite the lube as the amish farmers have found out many times over.


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