Riddle time........ We are two, we face

  • Riddle time........ We are two, we face each other I don't care if you need more clues.
  • "But I don't like riddles." then he stormed away
  • The Gate's Guardian wasn't technically allowed to kill him since technically he hadn't answered the riddle incorrectly yet. But as long as he couldn't leave
  • he decided 2 give it anothr go. "Tell me Why does DonaldDuck fine with wearing only a shirt with no pants, yet when he comes out of the shower he has the decency to put on a towel?
  • Somewhere in the distance, a voice calls to him. 'Because Donald Duck would look weird wearing Mickey Mouse's pants'. It was true. Only a handful of Disney characters wore pants.
  • Only the best characters were allowed pants; it was a rite of passage. Dumbo really wished he had pants, or at least a big stack of pancakes to eat his feelings of nakedness.
  • Maybe he should befriend bigger animals, so he didn't look so big and fat when out in public, he mused as he scoffed peanuts by the trunk full. He looked ridiculous with the crows.
  • Dumbo finally concluded that the only way he was ever going to look slim was to hang out with blue whales. He could fly, but could he swim? Maybe all he had to do was to believe in
  • himself! Dumbo belly flopped into the sea, keeping his trunk above water while flapping his ears beneath the surface. From the shore a little boy cried, "Mommy! Loch Ness Monster!"
  • The boy's Mother looked at him and laughed. "Don't be silly, Jacob. That's not the Loch Ness Monster! That's the shark from Jaws." She then pushed him into the water.


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