After school, i and my friends were going

  • After school, i and my friends were going home .Suddenly,we saw a group of bullies bullying our class mate.We suddenly, took stones from the ground and started throwing at them....
  • "Bully for us!" we thought. We'd shown them. After all sticks and stones break bones. 'course there was some collateral damage. Our classmate took a largish pebble to the noggin'
  • And as of January 2017, never returned to school. His mum finished his education at home, then he went to Oxford on a scholarship and graduated. But we digress. We never learned
  • how he treated his violiner's chin. I guess we never will now that he has gone off with British Oil to help rape … I mean develop, yes, develop the oilfields of Borneo. Headhunters
  • outsourced Borneon oil fields to the Soviet Union--you could say they were "Borneo Again", hyuk hyuk. It all began in 1969 when Stalin made Nu Pogodi to deter kids from cannibalism
  • while serving in the sweatshops that littered the Siberian tundra under the rubric of The People's Garment Factory. Stalin knew cannibalism adversely effected the production quotas
  • and forbade it, but ol' Jo-Jo couldn't prevent me from nibbling on Risa's ear on lunch breaks. Or on her toes. Or her fleshy tummy. Before I knew it, I had eaten all of her. I felt
  • incredibly satiated until I realized that what I’d really done was cannibalize Risa. Sooner or later, somebody would miss her. What to do? I swallowed my pride and asked Jo-Jo for
  • the ketchup. Jo-Jo complied and winked. "We need to finish Risa to the marrow, so they'll never find her." We ended up grinding her remains and opening a fast food joint, "Risa Bur
  • ped, which caused everyone to pause and reflect. Glances, internal turmoil. She was identifying as a beef patty. However no new pronouns were invented that day, Jo-Jo recalled.


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