I wanted her to like me so much. Then she

  • I wanted her to like me so much. Then she said, "You're cute." Alright. "The way the potato chip crumbs are lodge in your belly rolls." Damn.
  • "I'm in!" I thought to myself. I proceeded to pick up the potato chip crumbs from my belly rolls and ate them. If she thought that was cute, wait until she see's me
  • pull out other food items from various folds in my body! My body is a veritable smorgasbord of culinary delights! I've got a lovely foie gras hidden behind my ears and a delectable
  • tarte tatin behind my knee. We got spoons and dined from my navel soup, then she licked my spun sugar eyebrows. The piece de resistance was my beard of crisps. But she refused to
  • Yield to the bag of Yard-o-led products, which now cost 100€. I only carried 79€. Bummer! There was a dreadful accident, but people have such short memories now, thanks to the use
  • of Yard-o-led products just like the one that caused the accident. It also had an effect on your short term memory so that you didn't know if you had read this before; you had. Sti
  • -ll, to keep things moving, you gamely continued the game. No quitter, you. Your boss was impressed at how much time you wasted at your desk and promoted you to commander-in-cheif.
  • However, your boss was the next world boss on Habitica, and he demanded more Ceramic Tantalum Capicities for your co-workers telepathy lines. One of your co-workers was a tantrum
  • -having, miserable girl. Her demeanor meant that production of Ceramic Tantalum Capacities would slow on days where you were scheduled with her. Her BF Rob another Habitica worker,
  • had disappeared years ago in troubling circumstances, and now she felt she could be next on the list. "This can't be" she thought, "all I wanted is some extra cheese on my fries."


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