The note ended with, "Why dear sir, one could

  • The note ended with, "Why dear sir, one could hardly find a sillier celebrity than you." He stared at the paper, trembling. "Sillier celebrity?" He thought, why he was the MOST
  • IMPORTANT politician of the moment - and yet considered "silly celebrity"? Well, the election campaign was over. So he will finally show up his real face. And the people who voted
  • for him will return to their mailboxes to pick up their checks and head to the quick loan store to make a payment. He will run for office again in two years. This time he'll try
  • not to get involved in teenage-like campaign drama. It's amazing how catty some of these interns can get.
  • As I continued to get my head down and bury myself in paperwork,distractions naturally continued to arise.I don't know howmany times some idiotic child thought it would be funny to
  • flick snot at me or scream across the room that what they read about someone on Facebook. I looked at the papers in front of me and found myself wondering if I could
  • finish my bucket list before the end of the world. I still had several tasks left. #9 was to 'poke' Mark Zuckerberg in real life & ask him a question that's burning in my mind. Do
  • you regret not accepting my friend request? Do you regret it at night, Mark, when you see me in the street under the lamp, when I'm peering in your window as you sleep?
  • But Mark didn't regret it. He in fact liked watching the man suffer and oddly watching him pee in his window. Mark was a strange duck. Yet he never confessed
  • his love for Jemima Puddleduck. Instead he spent the rest of his days watching people suffer & watching them pee in window. Amongst other strange things.


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