Oscar stood in front of an apartment complex.

  • Oscar stood in front of an apartment complex. It was a bit like his own, almost. Except this one didn't have graffiti on the walls, didn't stink of weed on the second floor.
  • His eyes wandered, taking in the boarded-up windows and missing bricks, until something unusual caught his gaze. There!
  • One brick was slightly jutting out, a bit more than the others. Carefully, he pulled the brick out of the wall. Behind the brick was
  • just another brick in the wall. He pulled that brick out to discover another, and another.
  • Who could put such thing there and why? Was it even made by humans?
  • Augur 57 kept his "smile" to himself. He had a strong suspicion that one of the more artistic roboclans had put that thing there, but he was more focused on the shrines of Mars. He
  • knew that the Earth humans coveted the artifacts of the Martian Shrines, and that they would pay good money for their theft. Being a robot, Augur 57 had no problem sneaking in
  • side of the martian aircraft. It was well known that martians and robots held a strict peace treaty since the chocolate wars. Augur 57 used his robot yoga to steal the shrine,
  • The Savoy Truffles beat out the Toulouse Cremes 5 to 2. The losing team's captain, with a white chocolate centre, blamed the milk they were made with. It was expired!
  • Farmer Gâté found that recently deceased cows produced a slightly curdled milk that made for good blue cheeses but Creme puffs not so much. Toulouse, you lose.


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