One day, Adam Sandler met a really stupid

  • One day, Adam Sandler met a really stupid kid name Adam B and he said "Your first name sucks!" said Adam Sandler to Adam B
  • Then I RKO'd out of nowhere and he later decided that he was lazy
  • . I signed on the dotted line. I would be the new top dancer in RKO's Broadway Melody of 1938. But "he" had other plans. He rapped on my dressing room door. "Listen here, Buster!"
  • "Shut your trap. Forget your contract. Your coming with me - to Hollywood. I'm gonna make you a star!" My mind was in a whirl of conflicting emotions, but he was a good listener.
  • "I want to be a serious actor,take on roles of conflicted likeable characters." He said "Your bigger than life! Frankenstein vs.Freddy.You've got bad dreams now get up there & act!
  • He ushered me onto the stage, handing me a rather comical wig to help me "get into the character." I grumbled all the while, wishing I'd auditioned for Broadway instead.
  • I felt like a true actress.
  • In what sense?
  • Thinking about what could be happening and what that meant to me.
  • A raspy voice whispered from behind. "And now, you'll never find out!" right before everything went black. My last thought was, "Damn. I should have listened to my mother."


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