The unexpected arrival of Pete Seeger in

  • The unexpected arrival of Pete Seeger in the House chamber garnered unified speculation. Pete pulled up a stool & began softly strumming. "OK, everyone. I was sent over here to
  • spread a little love. Just reach out hug the Representative next to you and we'll sing." 'Where have all the flowers gone' echoed around the chamber. Pete Seeger's music had healed
  • no one which is why it's banned at most "rest" homes. Pete Seeger was placed in a "rest" home and he asked for them to play "If I Had A Hammer," but the orderly said
  • No. "Nothing for the likes of you." Then continued to fix bed spreads when
  • something really amazing happened in the next fold.................Yep..........really amaaazing................Bet your mighty curious huh?....... But it's none of your beeswax.
  • [this is not a fold]
  • Says the fold
  • "Nevermooooooore"
  • The raven jostled a little bit on the microphone. "You've been a wuderful audience. Next up on our poetry slam..." Poe stumbled onto the stage
  • The raven dropped the micophone and squawked "Get off the stage you black and white mess of a magpie There's no room for filth such as yourself!" The magpie shrieked and flew away.


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