el sábado por la tarde, cuando

  • el sábado por la tarde, cuando
  • yo llevante, yo estaba barracho porque
  • Yo había bebido demasiado alcohol frotando porque deseaba una salida. He encontrado uno. En los brazos de un RiteAid. Ellos venden esas cosas baratas. (Google Translated but not re
  • liably enough to prevent a serious multicultural misunderstanding). Frotar uno significa algo diferente en Inglés. El farmacéutico hispano le vendió una botella de
  • de nitroglicerina a la niña exploradora. El farmacéutico hispano (whose name was actually John Dough) kept a supply of nitro just for such occasions - he told them it was soda.
  • The explosion leveled six city blocks. Amidst the rubble, a crying child emerged, dragging a dismembered Pooh doll by its ear. Encrusted with soot, the child ignored the bodies
  • now shifting, moaning and hungry, hungering for hamdingers and human flesh. "Mommy? Mommy?" cried the child. The first few undead reached him and tore his Pooh doll to shreds.
  • The boney fingers of the dead wrapped around the toddlers feet . squeezing against the young fragile flesh of Timmy. "Mom!..Mom...Mom." Mom did not answer. She held onto his feet.
  • "Timmy! Wake up, Timmy! You're having that nightmare again. WAKE UP!" I sat up, wet with sweat as my wife switched on the bedside lamp. "You were calling for your mother. What the
  • hell is wrong with you?" At that moment, I realized she provided a perfect alibi for me. "Mommy Dearest," I whispered, grasping a pillow with both hands."Time to go night night."


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