In 2013 ETS replaced its PRAXIS exams for

  • In 2013 ETS replaced its PRAXIS exams for future teachers with a new, simpler one- the Voight-Kampff test. In the first 5 minutes of testing, over 75 future teachers were revealed
  • to be knock-off replicants. The question "A student gives you an apple. It has worms in it. How do you feel?" caused several to go ballistic. Bladerunners were hired by the ETS.
  • But it was the Replicants who hired the ETS. The Bladerunners were actually being controlled indirectly by replicants. But the replicants needed the Bladerunners to track down the
  • renegade Bluedogs who were refusing to wear collars. They were notoriously fast runners. They transformed themselves into mice and vanished without trace as soon as they were finis
  • hed. "I don't believe in mice that vanish without a trace", chortled a rotund Detective Dodo of the Department of Dangers, Big & Small. "Especially if they didn't start out as mice
  • but as an arcane pattern of CheezeWiz on a basket of flies. Mice my eye! Show me their hidey holes!" Detective Dodo's boss Captain Grackle set aside the mice-n-rice takeout
  • menu and nodded. "You won't find any hidey holes. These aren't mice. They are extraterrestrials. We need a way to destroy their little UFOs." Detective Dodo held up a finger.
  • (It was not a very polite finger.) "Screw you and the tiny UFO's you rode in on!" he shouted, startling a waiter into spilling soup onto a customer. Suddenly they heard a terrible
  • scream, which made all of them scream, which made everyone in the restaurant scream! The lights flickered &power went down. Breaking glass. A WHOOSH. Two gunshots. More screams.
  • The building was set ablaze. Everyone ran for the exit. Outside, rain began to fall.


  1. BlastedHeath Nov 04 2018 @ 01:22

    "Something you said set the house ablaze" -- The Jam

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