I sat in front of the computer and couldn't

  • I sat in front of the computer and couldn't think of anything to write. I had a deadline to meet and wasn't sure I was going to make it. I had 12 hours left before I had to
  • hand in my essay entitled 'Whither Bufo?' Over to you foldingstory guys! ---Once upon a time in a dank wood in Wales lived a small toad called Rhiannon. She croaked her croak and
  • and masturbated incessantly, which many believed was a rather odd way for a toad to live.
  • Crickets chirped. A harvest moon glowed through the dark branches & the autumn wind whipped through the valley. Toad knew the others whispered about him, but only he knew the truth
  • about Frog. Frog made Toad swear not to tell. Frog said he'd forget about the loan if Toad kept his mouth shut. It wasn't like Toad was snooping, he just accidentally caught Frog
  • playing with Salamander. Toad was green with jealousy, since everyone knows Frog and Toad Are Friends. Toad being friends with Salamander breached the book contract conditions
  • saying that Salamander and Toad could not be friends. However, the publishers did not generally pay attention to Toad, since he was one of their top-selling
  • adult authors. Toad was ashamed that a rookie like Salamander was getting more attention from the publishers than him! Toad was flabbergasted! He had just finished 50 shades of gay
  • Rags, a book about gay hipster fashion. Salamander wrote about all the 500 apps on the smartphones, which hipsters used. Old geezers liked thrift store style more than trendy shops
  • liked already-trendy customers, but here's the thing, Hot Topic: Why would people shop there if they didn't need to? HMMMM?


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