This is the story about a boy who could only

  • This is the story about a boy who could only speak in questions. "Why does the sun go on singing?" asked the boy.
  • "Why does the moon disappear when it is shining brightest?" asked the boy.
  • His grandfather a literalist to the core said. "Son, the moon is a geologically dead satellite in a tidally looked orbit around the earth.The phases of the moon are caused by sunli
  • ght reflecting off the moons surface. He did not agree with his grandfather, however, and claimed that the phases of the moon were actually just God's
  • micromanipulation of lunar-dust phosphorescence to fool people into thinking the Cosmos was in motion. His grandfather shook his head. "Grandson,
  • we figured out long ago that there was extraterrestrial life out there. Was. They all died out eventually and we're next. So my advice to you dear boy is to do one of two things.
  • either kill yourself, or get into a state of suspended animation with a few other guys and stay there for a few millennia, so you can continue the human race if we ever die out.
  • This won't be such a bad experience at all. Your brain will evolve into the next humanity, such a wonderful experience to have. Life becomes a play into a sort of virtual universe.
  • Then the genoa salami won't look so nasty - Your brain will decide it'd be better than getting drunk.
  • But, in time, you will always return to the bottle. Eventually, you'll forget about genoa salami and your overdue bills and that deadly adventure. Life moves on, and so must you.


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