Asimov, Clarke and Bradbury walk into a bar.

  • Asimov, Clarke and Bradbury walk into a bar. The
  • bartender serves Ray Dandylion wine, Art a virgin Mai Tai with a monolithic icecube, & when Isaac orders a Manhatten, the bartender says, "A robot may not injure a human being, or
  • I'll lose my job." "It's okay," Isaac says, "I'll drink responsibly." The bartender shrugs and hands him his Manhattan. He, Ray, and Art clink glasses and
  • in a bizarre space/time/Disney plot wormhole they were transported back in time 20 years and had switched bodies. Isaac was now Ray, Ray was Art, and Art was Isaac. The bartender
  • refused to serve now-underaged Ray(Isaac), Art(Ray), and Isaac(Art). "You fascist," Ray(Isaac) said, "I got my JD when you were in adult-diapers!" 1994 was cruel. Art(Ray) thought
  • a lot of things were cruel. That's because Art(Ray)'s parents over-indulged him to shield themselves from facing the obsessed co-dependent common law marriage they had that was
  • Keeping their house from falling apart each time they had an argument. Art(Ray) heard pots and pans being thrown and breaking glass every day. Life was interesting indeed.
  • One day, as he was slinking back to his room, he noticed a pattern in the 743,653,553.7453 shards of knick knack debris that came with domestic bliss. It was a message from some un
  • derhill resident. It said, please oh please leave me more than just peas. I'm Hungry, dear me am i hungry. I can't eat just peas, so please, give me something more. My belly is fat
  • from malnutrition. So we offered it a jam sandwich, which was all we had on us at the time. It ate it greedily and thanked us copiously. It now lives under our fridge. We like it.


  1. LordVacuity Aug 09 2017 @ 22:01

    Do you really like it or are you just keeping it around to look hip?

  2. Woab Aug 10 2017 @ 15:52

    Mostly we keep feeding it because we are afraid it will eat us if it gets too hungry.

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