Being here atop the story should be a thrill

  • Being here atop the story should be a thrill for me but for some reason it isn't. I mean, I know that I am the beginning but from here I can not see how it ends. Will I find closu
  • re with at least some meager amount of satisfaction in the story yet to unfold, or bitter yet familiar disappointment? Player 2 was so moved by the previous fold that he could only
  • flood his keyboard with tears of great emotion, unable to tap. Player 3 took Player 2's blank fold and decided to make an ironic but ill-informed stab at saying something about
  • gerrymandering or navy intelligence. Alas, when the time came - he fell short. But such was the life of the last great folder.
  • It was true, I was the last great folder. I had just found out that morning that I was rendered sterile in that radioactive crazy life of a fold story facilitator. I hope the next
  • Mediocre folder, that is me, can move this Story along by bringing it down to her upmost best but as long as we get to the bottom is fine. Once there there will only be going up.
  • But you're not Gary Cooper material despite whatever your mother told you. This scenario of yours to move the story forward is just crazy enough to work. Yes, you can be Seth Green
  • for Halloween, but not Gary Cooper. I told you before, only i get to be Gary Cooper that night. I thought of it first. Why don't you go as a ghost? you could wear a sheet or someth
  • Ing that will get you attention. Big John is having a contest for the best costume. The prize is a thousand
  • Deutsche Marks. What the entrants failed to realize is that the Mark is a defunct currency and not even accepted as an exchangeable currency. They all got gypped. The end.


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