IN the morning, i was woken by my annoying

  • IN the morning, i was woken by my annoying brother who used a feather duster and he pulled on of the feather in the feather duster and started slotting it into my ears...........

  • then my brother told my mom that i scolded him, but i did not scold him and he always wanted to tell on me.i was so upset that i fought with him but, my mother scolded me.....

  • My mother rolled her eyes, folded her arms , and screamed, "Shut up!" You could hear the silence, a loud silence that crept into our heart. My mum meant business.

  • At that moment, a huge kangaroo hit her car and sat next to her. "I won't shut up," he told her. We awe of our new kangaroo friend as her babies looked out of the pouch. Mrs. Roo

  • smiled. They are like tiny spies. They know all see and and speak nothing. I saw what you did with those poker chips all the little joeys in her pouch proclaimed. Rats! I thought

  • , and indeed the baby kangaroos did look like rats, but I didn't know they acted like them, too. "You've lead an insulated life!" I snarled at them as their heads disappeared back

  • into their mother's pouches."You're probably suckling on your mother's teats in there hoping I'll be gone when you pop your heads out" I harranged while clinging to Mama Orangutan'

  • "Besides that, if I had ever been afflicted with that kindness I would gladly pay to have it beat, I say beat, it out of me. We have no business with that sort unless it is the bu

  • rrying their dead. They will never be worthy of us, and we must always be unkind to them. Kindness is a disease that spreads, decimating all focus on what truly matters." His steel

  • blue eyes where determined, yet friendly. There was something uncanny about him. He told me once it was because of how his father treated him during his education to become a



  1. klaus84 Sep 15 2017 @ 12:10

    Sorry, didn't realize I was the last one. This was my first fold on this site.

  2. Woab Sep 15 2017 @ 15:12

    Eh- even the seasoned folders do it from time to time. Sometimes we continue the story in the comments section. Welcome! I hope you write more lines, here.

  3. klaus84 Sep 15 2017 @ 15:17

    Thanks, Woab!

  4. LordVacuity Sep 15 2017 @ 16:47

    Finish to story: n unknown entity.

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