I slew a dragon. But the policeman didn't

  • I slew a dragon. But the policeman didn't believe me. He finished handcuffing me and slammed me into the back of the police van. "This one is crazy!" said one of the officers.
  • "You've got to believe me! I didn't torch the house! There was this dragon!" As I bumped down the road in the back of the paddy wagon, I tried to open my cuffs, "Metalico Perdiso!"
  • The cuffs broke open. I used to same spell to bust out of the back of the squad car. My robe was torn & my wand was singed but the only thing that mattered was finding that dragon.
  • Curse that bloody dragon! It had fooled me once before. This time I vowed it wouldn't get away. I began to walk
  • around the corner, but a big bucket of swedish fish in the window of the candy store caught my eye. I could not resist. I flung the door open and began eating handfuls of the
  • wonderful squishy strawberry fishy-goodness! I prefer "Screaming Yellow Zonkers" and "Nerds" but this will have to do. Once my sugar high kicked in, I jumped into my bat mobile
  • sat down, and took a breath. High school was just too much sometimes. Covered in mustard, fake Cesar dressing, and aged ice cream,
  • the chicken patties just weren't as good as the ones at Fillmore Elementary. It was time to invest in a lunchbox. But what to pack? PB&J was a safe choice, as were Dunk-a-roos and
  • that sticky white goo that they put in Twinkies. Miracle Whip would do in a pinch, though I preferred the taste of mayonnaise. A dollop of chocolate syrup and a little paprika
  • should be enough to bring forth the storm of the apocalypse, a twister so violent and strong that it travels the entire planet in one night. Twinkies, white goo of DOOM!


  1. Chaz Aug 31 2012 @ 16:12

    DOOOOOM! (num-num-num!)

  2. jaw2ek Sep 01 2012 @ 08:57

    Dragons can be used to make deep-fried Twinkies. Little known fact.

  3. CrazyBananas Sep 04 2012 @ 06:58

    The white goo of Twinkies....mmmmmmm......

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