Perry woke up, rolled over, and purred he

  • Perry woke up, rolled over, and purred he was a platypus after all.
  • It broke his heart that he wasn't that handsome undercover agent that he dreamed about. Then he snapped back into reality and
  • ate a big mac.
  • I shared my fries with the birds.
  • when spider man supped in and
  • saved the day. Thank God he was
  • equipped with the ultimate weapon. Basically it was a bad odor weapon used to humiliate and befuddle the enemies - on a train, no less. If only
  • I could have sat next to him. I am obsessed with stinky odors. It feeds some weird need. I steal old tube socks and put them over my snorkel. I let large people sit on my hand
  • so that I can feel the feeling leave in an orgasmic tingle. I loved, then, taking my benumbed hand and throwing it onto the sautee skillet, and watching the skin bubble. The smell
  • was like chewed, dry silly putty. Finally my screams came, screams as the irrevocable pain tormented me forever onwards, my hand a useless crisp. Beyond reality, something laughed.


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