the barn has the silver glisten sheen of

  • the barn has the silver glisten sheen of age yet the sounds within are of youth - vibrant youth - youth rambunctious - youth hormonal - youth of fueled testosterone -
  • in a word, Sonic Youth, so I got my flannel
  • pajamas on. Picked out my favorite fuzzy slippers, and I began my journey. Into the kitchen. I grabbed ice cream, baked potatoes, and some celery. To fry or bake?
  • May as well fry the celery. I use it instead of nuts on my ice cream. I am allergic to nuts but love
  • toppings. Once, at an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet I ate nothing but toppings and
  • beans. It was a night long remembered, especially the part when we got out the matches and started talking about lighting some of my "exhaust". By the time the police had
  • requested back-up three loud back-fires had blown the windows out of the University's Science Lab. Wow that was my best one yet! My Parasitologist will be so proud of the
  • importance of my scientific achievements that I became the world's first posthumous diploma recipient, AND I was the first person to receive a diploma from a posthumous university!
  • Zombie U as members of the first graduating class affectionately called the decrepit compound was the Ivy League school attended by all the upper eschelon zombie intelligencia
  • like White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Tor Johnson, and Ed (Shaun's friend). No zombie could go far in undeath without a degree in biology, the study of life.


  1. buddyboy4711 Jun 15 2011 @ 08:33

    I'm happy to see zombie awareness extend beyond May.

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