A man was stranded on an island. With nothing

  • A man was stranded on an island. With nothing but matches and rope. Out of no where a bear appears. The man runs. The bear catches him. Natives to the island attack the bear.
  • The bear yells "Hey, cut that out! I'm just giving my bestie a bear hug!" The natives drop their weapons in fear of the talking bear & run." The man says "Bob, is it you?" The bear
  • chuckles, enveloping the man in a bear hug. "Of course not." The bear responded, rubbing the man's hair with a massive paw. "Bob turned into a toad, remember?"
  • He swatted the bears paw away and stumbled backwards over a rock "Remember no i don't remember who are you?" his head shook maniacally "Bear dont talk!"
  • Or do they, he wondered.
  • The next day, everyone found out. He had to hire a press agent & three body guards. It was soon apparent that he'd have to enter the witness protection program. Six months later,
  • he reemerged from a new apartment in downtown Chicago as a butterfly emerges from its cocoon. And as that butterfly spreads its glorious wings, so too did he wear his rainbow wig
  • which made him look like Miley Cyrus's identical twin. Strutting in his costume down a crowded street, he gleefully handed out autographs to unsuspecting Miley fans. He felt famous
  • In the digital sense of the word and fainted.
  • After some hours, maybe days, he recovered his memory, fully. He know remember even how he was born in the old British land of his grandparent. Everything, In just a moment, It is.


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