Harry Potter was a school boy

  • Harry Potter was a school boy
  • But a large hairy man (he wasn't named harry ironically) told him. "HARRY, YOU'RE A WIZARD."
  • "Does that preclude me from learning to draw shapes?" Harry responded. The large, hairy man chuckled. "Oh, Harry," he said in grim mirth. "This is only the beginning of
  • your new life as a slave." The hairy man drew a whip from his belt, cracking it near harry. "Now get to work," He shouted.
  • For many years Harry lived as a slave on Pirate Island, polishing the captain's boots and feeding the parrots. He really liked using the buccan and his smoked meat was renowned
  • .The captain didn't let him try rum yet, though. But one day Harry found a treasure map when cleaning the captain's room. A red X was marked on an island adjacent to Pirate Island.
  • That must be where the rum is kept! He thought. He seized the map and ran out of the captain's state room. On his way up the the deck he opened it again but found to his surprise
  • the dead body of Li'l Sweet. The miniature (and once obnoxious) "man" had perished of alcohol poisoning. "Ah, crap," sighed the thieving sailor. He tossed the trunk overboard, and
  • Folded yet another story to help him quit smoking. Where was the Nicotrol inhaler when he needed it? Folding stories was far better, and made him laugh. His wife was alarmed about
  • the obvious lack of her husband's smoker's breath. He was starting to compliment her on her meat loaf and potato salad that he could now taste better. However, he WAS yelling more!


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