"Ain't never told this story before," Bobert

  • "Ain't never told this story before," Bobert whispered from his rocking chair. "You'll see why. Years ago, my wife Greta told me a secret 'fore she left me. She said, Bob, I'm
  • a foreign agent. I asked, Mossad? She said, maybe, maybe not. Then she gassed me. When I came to, Greta was gone." Bobert wistfully lit his pipe and rocked. "The thing about women
  • is that they're not like men at all. They've got breasts and hips & opinions unlike anything you've ever seen or heard. Yes," said Bobert, "I suspect Greta was a woman. A damnable
  • enigma is what she was. A veritable chatterbox with moods like the winds of Saturn. A bona fide threat to poker night. Still" continued Bobert "this 'woman' requires further attent
  • ants who can put leashes on her and hit her with the cattle prod when the time comes. Bobert downed another 40 ounce beer and thought about the old days. "No use getting all
  • philosophical about the topologies of our sordid pasts. We were ill equipped to descern the path of shadows in the muck indoctrination instilled in place of reason. From beneath
  • the compost of the nonsense on our humid and flaming world, some found the acorns of their inner oaks, and some found gifts from the Ocean Invisible. The Silence of the Moon
  • And the Sun was disturbing. But they still had eclipses. Both Dr. Moon and Dr. Sun spoke Korean and were studying the current solar and lunar cycles. Their research was continuous
  • but confusing...I mean...Korean?...Really? I'm sorry, but Drs. Moon and Sun, most definitely, spoke the most spoken language on the planet...Rhythm and Blues...the language of King
  • It was definitely Korean. Of course I would know. I binge watch Korean dramas and listen to Korean pop music all the time. Of course. I am. The Koreaboo.


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