It's just one of those things...

  • It's just one of those things...
  • But it didn't have to be...it could've been something else...something much more like
  • a handful of stardust glimmering to life as the sun slowly set. But, it was not to be. They all had parts to play, and as a newcomer entered from seemingly out of nowhere it became
  • clear that somebody had mixed up the roles for this twisted pantomime. "Hey, uh," the newcomer said, "I'm supposed to be the love interest--" "NO!" George roared. "I'M the
  • love interest!" George hugged Penny close. "You do care about me right? I see you watching me all the..." Penny just screamed. This performance was turning into a mess.
  • Penny was appalled. Not only did George know her true feelings, no he was squeezing her tightly in front of everyone! She slithered out of his grip and scampered off the stage.
  • "Wait! Come back!" George hollered. But Penny kept running, past the stage manager & into the alley. She'd admitted her feelings & George...hesitated. "What a fool I've been!"
  • Indeed George was a fool for not having earlier acknowledged Penny's affections towards him; but before he had a chance to amend his errors, the scene cut to intermission.
  • Everybody got up from their seats to do the usual mozying around, except for George, who planted a bomb while witness's were away, "Nobody alive will know my life failures!" He sai
  • d. And nobody would... Nobody would.


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