The Shambly Man in his tattered cloak showed

  • The Shambly Man in his tattered cloak showed up in in the clean and gleaming quarters of Starbase 12, far from the woods of his youth. He tried to greet the people there, but
  • they shunned The Shambly Man. "GET OUT!" they said to him. "You do not belong here at Starbase 12." The Shambly Man hung his head, then raised it again, laser red beams demolishing
  • large swaths of the base. Stumbling forward with grim purpose, the Shambly Man kept up his ocular assault, lasers flashing in the dark. Starbase 12 was in ruins, and there was only
  • glitter left in the atmosphere, one lone Starbase 12 shot glass rolling away from the wreckage.
  • That was it! A way to salvage the situation. I scooped up the Starbase 12 shot glass and held it up to the light. Sure enough there was a tiny bit of glowing purple liquid
  • the liquefied Starbase safely in glass I jumped into my star fighter and sped out to the Sunflare a local hot spot with a connection to the Space mafia. Dr. FeelingStan could help
  • me out of this space jam. I found him sitting with his posse at a back table. "Dr. FeelingStan," I began, but his bodyguards gave me a stare that could melt an asteroid. "Nobody
  • ever understand me so I went past the bodyguards and told dr feeling stan how I truly felt in his arms finally for the first time in ever then I look over and see
  • the man of my dreams. That made Dr. Feeling Stan the complication that brought me to my dreamboat. I had thought Norman Irving had depicted the wrong sin about me. The bodyguards
  • were contractually obligated to drag me by my elbows to the nearest exit: In this case, the window. What they didn't know was the secret I had in my pants. To be continued!


  1. Zetawilk Jun 30 2020 @ 14:06

    I think it's a pair of balloon shorts that will aloft the narrator to terra firma with ease.

  2. LordVacuity Jun 30 2020 @ 23:23

    close to 5 and a half years later …

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