After a bad date with someone I met on other

  • After a bad date with someone I met on other personals sites, I often found myself folding late into the night, sometimes until dawn. But since I discovered FoldingSingles.com, my
  • love life had become a multi-layered creative and stimulating experience. After 10 dates our time together would be complete and FoldingSingles.com would set me up with a new date
  • no less zany than the last. FoldingSingles.com set me up on the ultimate blind dates. After the 10th date, I'd get a thoughtful letter summarizing fancifully our adventures togethe
  • r, and listing several proposed second date prompts for me to add a line of fresh craziness to.
  • Then the aliens attacked.
  • Only the avatar, master of all four universes can stop them, but when the galaxy needed him most, he vanished.
  • As prodigies often do. Not one single person we're led to believe we can rely on is ever actually there when we need them. Instead, there is a sheep in a pink wig. He is the true
  • Messiah, pointing his finger in baaahnation in all his pink wigged glory. I told him that as he was a prodigy and a messiah, maybe he should form a collaboration between
  • himself and Satnin, the sheep-devil, just to confuse things further. The sheep messiah shook his wooly head so hard that his pink wig nearly fell off. "Blessed are the fleecemakers
  • for they shall make us marketable commodities traded around the word. Blessed are the stray dogs that abscond with our young lambs, May they rot in dog hell." Amen.


  1. Woab Jul 18 2019 @ 16:11

    Yes, Erebear, I believe that a sheep in a pink wig was exactly what was called for.

  2. Erebear Jul 19 2019 @ 10:29

    My job, essentially, is to create the very much unneeded comic relief.

  3. StigMartyr Jul 19 2019 @ 10:39

    I was to happy to run with it, myself.

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