i was on mountain lost and all alone not

  • i was on mountain lost and all alone not a sound could be heard from any where when all of the sudden i heard a
  • magical unicorn from across the distance. It was
  • a glimmering white, with a golden horn.
  • started growing out of my head, i didnt know what it was so i went to the doctor, and he said that i would have to find 3 things to get it off, they were:
  • a paper towel, a hammer, and a bandaid. Relunctantly I followed his orders and went to Walmart to buy them (How convienent!) but found out I was low on cash. Looking around, I
  • saw a old man who said if i brought him a new pair of shoes he was give me whatever money i needed. So I gave him the pair I was wearing and in return he gave me the money. So I
  • left in a hurry and rushed to the nearest walmart only to find that the Pokemon cards i wanted were sold out. now im going to have to
  • Sean Connery with some people to get thoes cards. I started with
  • the host of "Card Sharks" who wouldn't give up the
  • ghost of his game show when they forced him into retirement. He would have a card table set up at the el station asking strangers if they wanted to go higher or lower.


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