"Hi, I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC.

  • "Hi, I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC. Why don't you have a seat over there?" The strange man said to me. "Hey dude Im here for LargeLouie69, ya seen him?" I said with a smile
  • that was upside so it was really a frown. Then Chris Hansen said, "What are you doing here?" Thinking quick I said, "Uhm...helping a kid who is home alone. Checking to see
  • if there are any suspicious spots on their naked body. Cancer spots. Ya know?" Chris Hansen narrowed his eyes. I made a fumbling step back and knocked an empty beer bottle over.
  • "Don't you want a drink to relax?" Chris Hansen asked me. "No, sir, I'm underage." Could he not tell I was only thirteen? That's when it hit me. He knew damn well enough my age.
  • I rose up, enraged, and transformed into an impossibly beautiful dragon. I sparkled! I roared! My name was Death and I knew how to walk that walk. Chris blanched and fainted.
  • Sparkling flames erupted from my reptilian jaws as I approached Chris, still passed out & moaning.The fire alarms went off then & I knew it was only a matter of time before the VFD
  • showed up. Chris gripped his simian head with hairy hands. His bulging thighs burst his jeans. I gave him kick with my clawed foot. Screaming like a locomotive I belched a fireball
  • & crisped his monkey hairs nicely but otherwise just seemed to piss him off. He did a lightning bolt blast aimed at my power tail but I used a force field to block. Then I invoked
  • the power of Grayskull and expected a sudden and explosive conclusion to our battle. Unfortunately, I had not forseen his counterspell, which when uttered in Farsi was as potent as
  • two of mine. There was an explosion as I'd expected but the counterspell carried through. I had one chance; an old anti-counter-spell that could end the battle! ...IF only I remem-


  1. Zetawilk Sep 08 2013 @ 17:40

    He's just trying to glean trade secrets, you see.

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