Forgive m,e my lord, tonight's dinner was

  • Forgive m,e my lord, tonight's dinner was made by the mad clown Springy. I'm afraid it's a bit
  • heavy with mailman appendages, but I think the spices that Springy the Clown chose should balance that out. I must have been crazy to hire an insane clown to be my personal chef.
  • But Springy the Clown turned out to be one of the greatest chefs I've ever met. Yes, perhaps it was crazy to have an insane clown cooking all my meals, but I didn't regret it.
  • The only downside of having a clown chef, of course, was that all the food always tasted a little funny.
  • "...While the shaving cream pie was up to standards, the silly string strata felt half-baked." The food critic continued, "Bozo's ha-ha-haute cuisine has big shoes to fill."
  • Bozo looked down at the review. A single jelly bean tear slid down his cheek. Why did he think he could run a restaurant? He came from a family of clowns. That was all he would be.
  • His father's harsh words rang in his ears, "Give it up, Boz-boy. You think that with a face like yours, you'd get a normal job? Give up and become a clown. Just like your father."
  • "No." Said the clown's son. "I will be nothing like you!" And so he went to find his true destiny: to be a baker!
  • His childhood dream of becoming a renowned baker had finally been achieved. He lay among folds of tie-dye, bright orange bong in hand. Bongs filled his bedroom from floor to ceilin
  • g. This was his reward for being very adept at finishing folding stories, There was an art to it. Bongs were everywhere, singing "Hallelujah!" It made the news. His mum was proud.


  1. Woab Dec 09 2016 @ 14:43

    OMG, Lady-Lulu, you got that clown cooking again! What a funny story!

  2. Lady-Lulu Dec 09 2016 @ 14:58

    Guess he got to follow his dreams after all! :D

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