Wendy was just about to go to sleep when

  • Wendy was just about to go to sleep when she saw something. It was a young bird, flying with feather in his cap, and a pan flute. It Was Squawkers Pan. She was so delighted.
  • She saw Squawkers Pan spreading his wings & circling the moon. The moon shivered & dropped down into the forest with him. Wendy couldn't believe it! Squawkers was seducing the moon
  • A great moonshadow of Squawkers Pan cast through the trees on her retina. It left an indelible little white bird which Wendy still saw when cataracts clouded her vision years later
  • when she started hearing it screaming as if on fire. At first she didn't know where the screaming was coming from but when her eye started burning itself she understood. The Bird.
  • Was the word as Peter Griffin drove around in a brand new Platinum PT cruiser where their was Periodic Elem3nts being taught by Stewie to "Fat Man", and Lois.
  • With a cast like that, surely the gay community would be flattered their creator claimed to be a proponent of their rights. On another subject, advertising and chemistry didn't mix
  • well with our last product, TNT Paint, and we nearly got our pants sued off by people who thought it was fingerpaint, even though we clearly stated on the label that it would blow
  • your head clean off, in living color. I guess folks thought we were joking. The Judge asked why we decided to put TNT in paint, and we said, “ cause nobody else ever had and we
  • felt the world was ready for exploding paint.” The judge was impressed by their reasoning and dismissed the case. Later the same judge had his courtroom painted with the TNT paint.
  • THEN everything exploded because of the TNT paint and later that same night people realized.. who it was....to be continued


  1. LordVacuity Jul 01 2020 @ 16:54

    a few hours short of 7 years exactly.

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