'No Billy, you can't be a Half-Elf Clown

  • 'No Billy, you can't be a Half-Elf Clown in Dungeons and Dragons,' said Mike, always the buzzkill. 'But you said you wanted scary.' replied Billy. 'Wait! I know! How about
  • we change the setting? We could play D&D in a Stephen King novel, that way Billy can have his clown character and it will be scary too!" Mike and Tom considered their friend's idea
  • but decided it was foolish. Mike & Tom left the D&D club and headed out onto the street where they embarked on an epic quest for a spot of beans on toast. They started off
  • by questioning the local peasantry. A homeless man in a subway station told them that he'd give them the baked beans on toast that they sought if they slew the concrete dragon.
  • They were dubious that the homeless man could deliver on his part but dispatching a concrete dragon seemed like something that looked good on a resume so they agreed to do it.
  • Although there were those who had faith in him and knew he could get the task with the dragon, he couldn't do it for his fair of ruining everything.
  • His Fair of Ruining Everything was too precious! Held once a year in the village of Giggleswick, it would be on the same day as the Dragon's task. But he found a way to do both!
  • First, he would accept the Dragon's task, then enter it into the Fair of Ruining Everything (in Giggleswick) and then he would ruin everything and walk home with the trophy! This
  • ended up working out exactly as he had planned. Except that in doing so, the Dragon ended up destroying the trophy itself! After all he'd been through, he didn't get the trophy!
  • Yet standing there in the smoky aftermath,the Dragon had an epiphany. "I still have my pride," he smiled. "And my library card." In the end, isn't that all any of us really need?


  1. SlimWhitman Mar 23 2019 @ 10:39

    Next week Marge the head librarian will read another story from "Tales Of Giggleswick". See you next time, kids!

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