The limerick is furtive and mean, You must

  • The limerick is furtive and mean, You must keep her in close quarantine, Or she sneaks to the slums, And promptly becomes, Disorderly, drunk and obscene.
  • She belted me then right across the ol' kisser.Pulling myself out of the gutter,I grinned with what teeth I had left & asked, "Oh, did you think I was talking about you, Geraldine?
  • Then she jumped off the top rope with a flying arm bar smashing the bridge of my nose, bam. Wobbling back to my feet I mumbled, "Why Geraldine, a love tap? How sweet."
  • Geraldine grabbed both my arms, smashed me off the ropes, leapt up and crashed onto me in a full body slam. As darkness overtook my senses, I wondered when the magic had gone. Why
  • had I succumbed to the allure of a sweaty wrestling ring? Had I really thought it could erase the pain of being kicked from the football team? I came to in the showers and wept.
  • I was so pre-occupied with my depressive thoughts that when the shower let out a stream of hot water that burnt my skin I didn't even notice.
  • Showers are always screaming about something: "You Jerk! You left my left spigot on for TWO days!" "I WILL kilk you tge next time you put that CLR up my spout!" "I piss on your
  • Silver spoons until you learn how to fix spigots properly. No apprenticeship is complete until the trifurtigation is successfully cemented. Three heads are better than one!" Sammy
  • screamed through clenched teeth as the bonding agent dried. Now three headed and wielding the ultimate weapon--the sliver spoon souvenir from the rest stop in Apopka FL--Sammy was
  • through with his "bucket list" and ready to die. "Aing weddie taw doye!" he said to St. Peter at the Gate. So Sammy died, but not with a silver spoon in his mouth.


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