In the moonlight blood is no longer scarlet,

  • In the moonlight blood is no longer scarlet, pretending to be beautiful. It is as black as an abyss.
  • And as wet and glossy as crude oil, flowing down the limbless torso in the nocturnal meadow I had chosen for my latest act of artistic expression. The insects joined me in my
  • danse macabre, accompanying me through this mystic voyage of Death I was creating. After many hours the drugs subsided and I woke up in an alley. My limbs were aching and
  • I was dressed up as Ronald McDonald. Don't do drugs kids.
  • I left the the school stage and had a smoke. One hour of community service done, 299 more to go. Why did I agree to this instead of jail time? I'm Ronald McDonald Don't do drugs.
  • "If I would've chosen jail, at least I wouldn't have to pay any bills, could have free meals, and a bed. I'm tired of community service!" Ronald McDonald threw his cig down, pissed
  • HEY pick that up Ronald McDonald said a police officer. man I hate community service said Ronald McDonald, yeah I know you just said that said Hamburglar.
  • "Rubble rubble rubble everywhere". Then Grimmace backed into a trash dumpster knocking it over. "Duh, Gtimmace sorry." The cop said "Pick that up you
  • The purple oaf spent ten minutes fiddling with the dumpster, trying to reposition it. The cop watched every move, caressing his nightstick and realizing his newfound bizarre fetish
  • for everything purple. For the cop it was 50 shades of purple, mauve, violet, plum, grape, lilac, heather, lavender. Oh so sexy! Periwinkle, bosenberry, sangria, orchid, amethyst.


  1. SlimWhitman Nov 09 2015 @ 17:53

    50 shades of purple LLOL inatick.

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