It's a commonly held belief that imaginary

  • It's a commonly held belief that imaginary friends cease to exist when their human creators grow up. However, that simply isn't the case...
  • "Go away!" hushed James Cuthbert, esq. to the pink giraffe hovering above the jury box. "Is something wrong?" inquired the judge. "No, m'lord." James' imaginary friend had often
  • proffered detailed disquisitions on the differences between pink-giraffe land & the quotidian juridical hell in which James Cuthbert, esq., somehow contrived to find himself, sans
  • all the hyperbole, the above just means James badly needed to use the john while defending a client in court in front of a malicious judge, and thus closed his arguments in tap da
  • le creme with a side of lawful justice in the court. He was out there in no time and his client INNOCENT. As he sat in the john he leaned back in satisfaction. He'd won again.
  • He heard the door to the bathroom open. He thought nothing of it, until someone knocked on his stall door. "What is it?" he asked.
  • It was something no one should ever have to see. It was a blue-eyed flying purple people eater! He ran as fast as he could just so that he would not get eaten. But then,
  • an arrow from out of nowhere struck the purple people eater. From the direction of the arrow he saw
  • a man all dressed in green for just a moment before he disappeared back into the shrubbery. "Is this the end of all the rock 'n' roll music from my horn?" cried the dying beast as
  • It cried out in sadness! The man dressed in green came back to the dying beast and said, well, he didn't say anything. The dying beast had eaten him in his sadness.


  1. Woab Jan 19 2020 @ 16:40

    That is a funny ending, lsritter23! So do you think that the moral of this story is that if you don't do away with your imaginary friends, then they will do away with you?

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