You have 24 hours to meet my demands.

  • You have 24 hours to meet my demands.
  • and don't forget to bring the cake!" He hung up. 24 hours? To meet those demands? I began to weep, but stopped abruptly when my wife entered the room.
  • Her face was basking in the glow of 40 candles. My wife smiled, "Don't forget to blow them all! Happy.." I grabbed the cake. "Thanks, hon." Would I get it to them in 24 hrs?
  • Would I indeed?
  • The question reverberated in my mind, echoing like a voice between canyon walls. Would I have done it? I spent hours looking into the deepest parts of my soul but found no answer.
  • This thought swirled in my psyche until I decided to do something about it, but I couldn't so I decided to outsource this decision to my wise oldest of friends.
  • My bitterest enemy, as well. My dead evil twin Eugene. I would need to pull the cobwebs from the necromancy library but I would have Eugene's advice before the next Bloody Sun. The
  • night was cold, and Eugene's body had deteriorated more than I had thought, but I managed to bring him back to life and ask him the question that had been burning in my mind since
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. “Eugene,” I demanded, “Are you the one who put the frog down my panties in 1st grade?” Eugene, not rejoiced by his rebirth, twisted in pain.
  • "No it wasn't me" Eugene said, now on the verge of tears "I'm just a dream wake up and leave me" I woke up in a cold sweat. I stare at my owner. Why can't I be human? Rib-bit.


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