She knew that he was never coming back but

  • She knew that he was never coming back but she'd forgotten how long a day or a week or a month could be and how hope is so violent. So she went to a bar & found a man there who
  • bore an uncanny resemblance to Bob Barker. But it couldn't be Bob Barker. He's dead, isn't he She sat catty-corner from him at the bar to get a better look.
  • "I'll have another scotch," he told the bartender, "...if the price is right." "Bob Barker?" I asked, and he nodded, "I thought you were dead." "We're all dead in this bar, " he re
  • minded himself, "Gene Rayburn, Bill Cullen, Richard Dawson. " "What about Wink Martindale?" I asked, ". . .Bob Eubanks and Monty Hall?" "Hall isn't still alive--is he?" Bob Barker
  • wondered aloud. "You're damn right I am!" Monty Hall shouted from across the bar. "I'm older than you! Better looking than you! I get laid more often than you!" Bob Barker laughed
  • and flipped a switch on his inner thigh. Suddenly there was a glow in his eyes that suggested Monty better start looking behind the bar for the largest bottles he could find. "Is
  • that a bottle of Chateau d' If 1636, Dante et fili, Vintners in your hand," the automaton asked Monty. Monty was puzzled at first then remembered his "cudgel" was a bottle of wine.
  • Monty had taken a feat in "Improvised Weapons - Liquor Bottles", but all he need do was to pour the wine into the automaton's head to gain entry to the dire restaurant. He took a
  • sip of the wine first, followed by a decent glug that left the glass half empty. He poured the rest on the automaton, and a blinking light indicated that the contents weren't
  • what the robot had in mind for a glorious end.


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