It was a cold and rainy day. Fernandus was

  • It was a cold and rainy day. Fernandus was just about to go to bed when he heard a strange noise.

  • He lifted the cover, listening.There it was again. A scraping sound. Fenandus grasped teddy firmly. It came from under the bed, A the far corner near the

  • model skeleton in the suit of chain mail armor was Fenandus' morning star. He grabbed the weapon, hugged his teddy bear, and knelt by the bed to confront whatever creature awaited.

  • As he knelt by the bed he heard something strange, a voice. It said "You will know and You will fear but you will never hear" He grabbed the morning star harder Ready for anything

  • but bad poetry, his one weakness. "I can hear that you idiot!" he yells at the morningstar, and hurls it at a wall. But the possessed weapon came back like a boomerang

  • , slicing off the top of his toupee into a flat-top buzz cut. And that, my friends, is how Sgt. Carter got his hairdo. But the possessed morningstar didn'tstop there. It ripped

  • off my silken thong, leaving me exposed. I blushed and covered my genital area ashamed with my hands. "Mo-morningstar... What are you thinking?" The morningstar didn't care and

  • thrust his face right into the bible and began to pray. "You gotta leave room for Jesus!" he said. "What did you think we were gonna do?" I blushed and

  • spoke warily. “When you said leave room for Jesus, is that like leaving room for dessert?” It must not have been because he rapped me on the head with his bible. “Heathen!” he yell

  • ed, not realizing that in spite of looking like a regular Joe, I was in fact a powerful deivore; I'd already consumed most of the Egyptian gods, and half the Greek pantheon.



  1. Woab May 20 2020 @ 16:19

    Tarotguy, you are hilarious!

  2. TarotGuy May 21 2020 @ 12:59

    I'm trying hard, Woab, Trying. I'm sure I'm not alone in this experience, but I looked at that fold before mine several times over several days before something just dawned on me to write next. I've looked at some before-folds for several weeks before I get a sudden epiphany one day. Funny how the mind works...and doesn't work sometimes!

  3. Woab May 21 2020 @ 14:12

    Yes, it's fascinating, isn't it? Sometimes I think I have a grip on a possible plot, and it turns out way off. Other times, we get this mysterious phenomenon whereby a later folder has a link back to something that someone wrote possibly even years ago! It's so much fun. Have you tried the "random fold" option? It's scary- but it forces me to write something, whatever happens. I only use it when I'm feeling extra confident. This site helps me find that zone. I love this place, and all our comrades-in-folding. Have a wildly creative day!

  4. TarotGuy May 21 2020 @ 15:21

    Re: being hilarious My wife and daughter both used to think I was hilarious, especially my daughter. Now my daughter doesn't laugh at my jokes--she only tries to top them.

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