The quizmaster asked "Who am I? Born 24 December

  • The quizmaster asked "Who am I? Born 24 December 1922 in Grabtown, NC. My parents were Jonas and Mollie tobacco and cotton farmers. Jonas died in 1938 from bronchitis
  • , and Mollie a year later from inhaling stray cotton fibers (she refused to die of such an obscure malady before Jonas's passing). Alas, as I trudged through life, I could only
  • hope that my in-depth research on silicosis could help other former mill workers. I visited Mollie & Jonas's graves every year to put flowers on them. Then one year I couldn't go
  • to the local Mormon single's dance because I had sin in my heart.
  • Lord, I tried to be good. I prayed real hard. But Debbie McRoberts right shoulder slipped out of her frock on the dance floor and I felt the urge to fornicate override my decency.
  • I approach the temptress from behind. I must not! but her undraped shoulder pulls me. My finger taps lightly. Debbie McRoberts turns. "Do you want to dance?" I stammer. (No!)
  • I didn't hear her answer. I had touched her bare shoulder! 3 times! Tap tap tap. My fingertip tingled. Debbie was saying something about dancing but it didn't register. I reached
  • for her hand &twirled her around to face me. "Dance. Now." I demanded.Her eyes widened in surprise &...was that pleasure? We launched into a sultry tango, keeping our eyes locked
  • on our feet which of course is the last thing you should do when dancing, (the next to the last thing is to forget to do the head snap thingy when turning) so naturally I tripped
  • out. I became confortably numb and I started to hear voices in my head. They had Bob Dylan's voice. I liked to hear them. But not anymore.


  1. Sloth Dec 05 2014 @ 20:14

    That frock wanted to be set free. Amorous.

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