Until a year ago he owned his father’s

  • Until a year ago he owned his father’s pawn shop but left it to deal in anything-you-want from a shop with no address. I saw him walk behind the police car and light
  • up her life. I had never seen such a vile act in such close proximity to John Law. But that had been his style, he was always the classy one in the family. It made me so
  • envious of him and his perfect little family. My wife had left me years ago for a circus clown and my only daughter just called to ask for money. I would have given her some but
  • they cut my hours back at the Plant again and I don't really like the crowd she's been running with lately neither. The last time I saw my little girl I gave her $20 and her friend
  • in the fur coat told me that would by a thirty minute "around the world." I never liked that fella.
  • Cher had always seemed to be trying too hard. Someone out to tell that fella to be himself.
  • But hiding inside Cher's skin was great cover until she spoke. The gruff voice gave him away. So he hopped out of her body and instead morphed into
  • Darth Vader and stepped out of the bathroom. Fortunately noone had seen him enter. He made his way back to living room where most of the guests were hanging out. Spock came over
  • and, as dispassionately as ever, said "I know what you and Darth were up to in there." I twisted away before he could try a nerve pinch and headed for the bar. "Bring me a
  • caipirinha.Lots of suggar.And use brasilian cachaça.Vodka is for the russians".


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