She'd been looking for this inscription for

  • She'd been looking for this inscription for years. The oldest known recorded written words, hidden for centuries. But, when she finally wiped away the dust, the tablet simply read
  • -- well, it would be more accurate to say that the ancient tablet had been inscribed in somehow abstractly recognizable patterns, and it turned out to be a laundry receipt. Doctor
  • Fghuiop had not been kidding when he said to watch out.
  • Watch out was a mere understatement for what I was now going through. Everything was now complicated, I wished Fghulop warned me sooner before everything began to change.
  • But now's not the time to dwell on it. I'm on a ship back to Australia with half a shirt, a missing foot, and six pounds of magpie feathers that are SUPPOSEDLY very important.
  • The feathers were at least comfortable as a pillow & kept me warm in my container. As for my foot I had a good lead on its location.When the ship unloaded at Sydney port the magpie
  • had chewed through the hinges of my crate and I saw the sun for the first time in weeks. I thanked the magpie and marveled at the upside-down world of Australia. But the police
  • saw what I was doing and shoved me back inside with a taser pole, tsk-ing all the while about the disrespectful Americans who keep showing up with Bowie knives to act out their
  • mumblety-peg fantasies using the Bowies instead of pocket knives. In time, they tire of the Bowie knives too, until one of them says, “Hey, let’s use machetes!” So that begins
  • the tradition of this chapter of the East Brisbane Book Club always carrying machetes with them wheresoever they may trot. Wasn't that a fascinating tale to know?


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