Staring at the screen you realize that there

  • Staring at the screen you realize that there must be some kind of FoldingStory conspiracy going on. How does story stay relevent and funny? Then that red head FBI agent walks into
  • the office & you see her curvaceous figure lean up behind you. You completely lose your train of thought,& hit Fold & Pass in panic. Having eliminated the evidence of premeditation
  • you're free to stammer out some awkward smalltalk with your crush. If you're not careful though, she may notice the FoldingStory icon you've chosen, which is a
  • symbol for Internet Troll. Unless you are able to converse with trolls your efforts will be fruitless. To learn troll language you can take a course at
  • Trollulike College of Trolls and Trolling. It is located under a bridge near Grufftown in the Scottish Highlands. The courses there start at 6am in the morning and have no end. It
  • has been suggested that they should start at 5 in the morning and have no end, in order to maximize the student's studying, but the Troll Dean has rejected this, saying that
  • 5 a.m. is really a pretty late start. So the Troll Dean wired the desks with electricity & forced the students to wear electrodes on their foreheads to, you know, maximize learning
  • disabilities. The Troll Dean smiled but his thoughts were elsewhere. He was thinking about an apartment building where a portal from the troll world to the 1980's had opened.
  • The Troll Dean staggered through the portal and emerged in the 1980's. He was on a busy street where the shoppers screamed at his sight. That hurt his feelings somewhat. Why did th
  • ey not like him? Why? He had enough of it. Nobody loved him. There was no point in living. He called his mom. said goodbye, and closed his eyes.


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