77 conjoined fighting fish, each a master

  • 77 conjoined fighting fish, each a master in their own fish martial art, circled each other warily as the Colosseum slowly filled with water.
  • The King of Siam would be officiating this fish gladiatorial event. He had claimed that right since the 77 conjoined fish were all Siamese citizens. The International Fish Fighting
  • Society deemed that since the 77 cojoined fish were considered Siamese, that the King(s) would officiate (since technically they too, were Siamese.) The gladiators who would face
  • a giant frog, whom of which was known to be especially ruthless. Not a single gladiator had won to him thus far.
  • But only one rivaled this giant frog, and that was The Amazing Flying Fly Fish!. Yep, that was his name, with the exclamation mark and all. He was the fiercest fighter in the land,
  • Sadly for him this fish fight was going to be in the sea. The Sea somthing or other, Triton had changed his mind about the venue and had moved it over to the Mariana Trench. There
  • the blind worms grubbed beneath the scalding black smokers, legions of blind crab marched, and the fearsome and loathsome siamese anglers waited to ambush him. Fish fight!
  • It was like a scene from the matrix, but with fish. A slap from a tail in recoiling the opponent backwards with a powerful thrust. But these little fishes were not aware of the gre
  • at dangers about to be unfolded. The gladiators wanted to spice things up with a gigantic aquatic dinosaur. No fish was spared that vicious day and the match ended quickly which ma
  • Barker thought was a "gyp" (her word, not mine). The gladiators were soon swept into Nessie's cavernous maw like so many Christians to lions. So Nessie couldn't come to school.


  1. Woab Sep 15 2020 @ 14:49

    Nice! We stayed with the fish fight all the way through!

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