I wish that I was born a thousand years ago.

  • I wish that I was born a thousand years ago. I wish I'd sailed the darkened seas on a great big clipper ship going from this land here to that, in a sailor's suit and cap.
  • I wish I were a caveman, lurking in a hole. I'd ride around Pangea on a pachycephalosaurus wearing a bear skin bikini - like you do.
  • Lyle looked at the lyrics he'd written so far. This really put a new spin on the original song. He hoped it would work for the Prehistoric-themed party that he was planning.
  • Lyle Lovett came up with the theme park after a very circular heart-to-heart at an after party. He'd met a woman scientist at the premiere of Jurassic Park, but she said they reall
  • need to create something completely new and terrifying. In our circle of grass we came up with the idea to make a hell inspired theme park where every guest is a disciple of god
  • Visitors would be able to build their own little worlds and indulge in their most terrifying and sadistic urges. For the price of a simple ticket, this theme park would allow
  • any twit to become president and wreak havoc with the other theme park residents. Well, I wasn't about to buy a ticket, so I peeked through a crack in the Mexican-built wall to see
  • if poor Maria was still buying stock in firearms not to sell on the black market mind you but to stay alive as a journalist in the worlds most deadly news business country, Mexico.
  • As everyone knows, Mexico has a big black market purely for guns, so Maria's choice not to sell them may have been a poor one on her part. Well at least she has 50 guns now.
  • Enough to build that massive gun-sculpture she'd always wanted to make. It was a famous landmark for years, until one misfired, causing a tragic chain reaction.


  1. Rebbie May 25 2017 @ 16:15

    I put that line in because of the news articles I've been reading about how all the journalists have been murdered for reporting on the drug cartels and dirty politicians in league with them. So sad.

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