I was walking to the local grocery to pick

  • I was walking to the local grocery to pick up things for dinner, when I stumbled upon a book lying in the middle of the sidewalk.
  • It was black leather-bound, and had a golden symbol and inscription on the cover reading "You don't want to read this, you really don't" I picked it up and thought 'yes I do', so
  • I read it out loud, "You don't want to read this, you really don't". "No, stupid, I mean whats behind my cover." said the black leather-bound toilet seat.
  • What did THAT mean? A willing glutton for punishment, I had to then wondered if the black leather-bound toilet seat was coming on to me. So, I s-l-o-wly lifted the lid, trailing my
  • dirty bird fantasies about the black leather toilet seat. But someone had been here before me. Clogged. I plunged away like I was digging for gold and then there was a "POP!"
  • Someone had flushed all my salt water fish down the toilet...wrapped in a tube sock. What a mess. This was more surprising than seeing a black toilet seat without Hugh Hefner ass
  • essories decorating it. The industry expo for toilets named 'Flush & Plumb' was widely attended and showcased the latest in
  • Fashion. The toilets were quite fashionable, and so were the people that bought them. There were French ladies with their poodles, excited to get a new toilet and poo with style.
  • The company's fancy baths didn't sell as well (French hygiene slam), so they were forced to shut down before the fancy toilets could be shipped. Back to Pooper Scoopers for poodles
  • on scooters. So much for pie in the sky after graduating pool school. But Paris does scare us. We hang out at the playscape, where my friend, Pat, and I like to scat. Po' sco.


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